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Causa de Camarón

The origin of this culinary creation dates back to pre-Columbian era, where the potato was used for its soft texture. Nowadays, it’s prepared in a mashed yellow potato dough with some lemon, pepper, chili, olive oil, parsley and corn.

The potato causa that Sr. Ceviche offers is filled with shrimps, in an elegant presentation that contains mayonnaise and egg pieces as decoration. This dish, as traditional as delicious, provides the benefits of carbohydrates and proteins of the shrimps.

Causa de Lomo Saltado

The influence of oriental gastronomy is reflected on Peruvian dishes such as the Lomo Saltado, known for its Chinese-Cantonese flavor mixtures with traditional Peruvian seasoning. It is distinguished for being a steak stir fry with the use of ingredients like soy sauce, yellow pepper, paprika and vinegar in its preparation.

In this variation, the causa, made of yellow potato, join the Lomo Saltado to reach a creation of traditional Peruvian tastes.

Ceviche Tropical

Ceviche is a traditional Peruvian dish par excellence, it has been declared as National Cultural Heritage for its historical and culinary importance. Investigations have placed the origin of ceviche on the ancient indigenous time in South American coasts, then the Japanese and Hispanic influence join to diversify its preparation.

This ancestral dish now is present around the world confirming the gastronomic richness of the land. Sr. Ceviche honors this delicious dish with its name and in its menu, where is offered one of its many variations, the Tropical Ceviche. The traditional recipe gets combined with fresh fruits such as mango, passion fruit or pineapple. The fish and the marinade components transform this dish into an exotic and unique creation.

Conchitas a la Parmesana

The most succulent entries of Peruvian cuisine are ideal for sharing before eating a main dish. Sr. Ceviche offers a simple but delicious culinary creation that represents traditional Peruvian dishes, where marine tastes excel.

Parmesan Scallops are worth noting for being considered as a delight of Peruvian cuisine, prepared with scallops, parmesan cheese, parsley, salt and pepper. As in other Peruvian typical dishes, the benefits of seafood are present. It is an easy prepared food, but rich in vitamins and minerals.

Salmón Tataki con salsa de maracuyá

The influence of the Japanese gastronomy is visible on the Peruvian cuisine, most of all in marine dishes. It is a culinary fusion that expresses itself in creations like the salmon tataki with passion fruit sauce.

This delicacy is about the salmon cut in tataki method, a Japanese term that means pounded or hit into pieces, then marinated in vinegar or seasoned with ginger. The essential fatty acids, the proteins and vitamins are present in this dish thanks to the salmon. The tasty passion fruit sauce provides the exotic and tropical taste that makes the dish a unique and worth trying creation.